Monthly Archives: June 2015

I due Foscari by Verdi- Gran Teatre del Liceu of Barcelona (April 2015)

” Special mention to soprano Maria Miró: ringing and powerful voice, she wasn’t inhibited for the vocal outburst of the ensembles and she made an impact in her few solos”  (Mercedes Conde, REVISTA MUSICAL CATALANA)

” Excellent Josep Fadó as Barbarigo and Maria Miró in the brief role of Pisana” (Roger Alier, EL PAIS)

” the reliable Josep Fadó (Barbarigo) and Maria Miró (Pisana)” (Alejandro Martínez, CODALARIO)

“Also standed out the soprano Maria Miró– with a beautiful and colourful timbre- as Pisana (Andreu Martínez, NÚVOL)